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The Motto of the Award

The greatest evil of this world is not strength of the evil ones, but rather weakness of the wise


Wouldn't it be better to spread good instead of fighting with evil?

                                        Antoine de Saint Exupery

“Good Deed” and Andrej Sakharov Prize

Thank you for your kind letter seeking the patronage of the Europen Parliament for the ceremony of the "Good Deed" award 2008, which is organised by the "Good Deed" Fundation on December 5 in Warsaw..

The prize, granted for outstanding achievements and acts motivated by benevolence, humanism and the principle of law and democracy, reflects the concems of the European Parliament who is well known for its commitments in these fleids. I also note that my colleague Professor Jerzy Buzek is honorary President of its Jury. Our Institution grants annually the Sakharov prize for freedom of thought, and I am therefore delighted to lend the patronage of the European Parliament to your prize.

                                        Vorsitzender des Europäischen Parlaments Hans-Gert Pöttering


The ZU award was established in 2005 by Roman Żelazny and Piotr Mroczyk who were soon joined by a further four donors. Echo Enterprise sp z o.o and the Echo Krasnegostawu weekly provided organizational support. The ZU prize was granted for the first time in December 2005 and the prize winners automatically became members of the ZU Award Committee.

The ZU prize is awarded each year and can either consist of a financial or an honorary prize. At the beginning of 2006 membership of the ZU Award Committee was also opened to those who were invited by the committee itself. The founders also decided that the ZU prize should no longer be administered by a commercial company. Thus a foundation was established in the summer of 2006 to take on this role. The foundation was registered by the Commercial Court in Lublin and registered under number 000257683 in the National Court Register (KRS).

The foundation’s basic aims and tasks are to work for the cause of democracy, the rule of law and civic society, human rights and freedoms, ethical standards, public safety, the propagation and strengthening of the ideals of solidarity, liberalism, philanthropy, humanism, integration of individuals and social groups, cultures, races and creeds; the foundation promotes cultural, educational, artistic activities, supports young people, adults and children in difficult material circumstances and works to combat unemployment.

Rada i Zarząd Fundacji

Prof. dr Zdzisław Najder - Przewodniczący
Janusz Korczyński
- Sekretarz
Roman Żelazny
- Prezes Zarządu
Maciej Wierzyński

 Prof. dr Zdzisław Najder
 Przewodniczący Rady Fundacji

 Chairman of the Fundation Prof. Zdzislaw Najder; 
 Vorsitzender des Stifftungsrats Prof. Zdzislaw Najder


Zdzisław Najder, b. 31 Oct. 1930 in Warsaw, professor of the humanities, historian of literature, political scientist, publicist. In 1976 founded the clandestine Polish League for National Independence. 1982-1987 Director of the Polish Service of Radio Free Europe. Sentenced to death (in absence) by the Polish Communist authorities, 1983. Chairman of the Civic Committee, 1990-92. Founder and first President of the Polish Atlantic Club, 1991-93. Since 1994 President of the Joseph Conrad Society (Poland). 1999-2004 member of the National Council for European Integration. President of the Weimar Club, 2004-. 1997-2003 taught at Opole University, now at the Tischner European University, Cracow.

Proposing candidates for the ZU award

Private individuals, organizations and institutions can propose candidates for the award. Priority will be given to candidates proposed by members of the awards committee. The closing date for awards is September 30 each year.

Candidates of any nationality and citizenship have to be over 18 years old, and in full possession of their civic and public rights. The awards committee will look for individuals or organizations who have contributed to local communities . The Committee can also grant the award to institutions and organizations which work for the public good. These should not , however, be government organizations although the Awards Committee can make an exception to this rule if it sees fit.

Those proposing candidates should include concrete examples of their activities in favour of the public good. They should also include a short biography of the candidate. The proposals, in writing, should be sent to:

Fundacja "Zacny uczynek",
Plac 3 Maja 21,
22-300 Krasnystaw